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Take your people on a journey that grows their imagination, creativity and wellbeing.


Our scientifically-based immersive and multi-sensory exercises will enable your people to explore and expand their imagination as never before, through ongoing continuous learning of 500+ original exercises.

Insights Dashboard

Foster a culture of creativity through deep insight into learning development and progress tracked to help people learn at their own pace.

  • Average time on app
  • Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Retention rate / User Progress
  • Users segmentation: i.e. by country / department

Onboarding made easy

Whether your organisation has 5 or 50,000, it's easy to get everyone using Creative Being.

The Masterclass

Get the full experience with Creative Masterclasses delivered by Dr Michael Bloomfield.

“A transformative class ... I inverted my approach to problem-solving and surprised myself by generating exciting ideas through an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable process.”
– Guardian Masterclass attendee

“Dr. Bloomfield was the pinnacle of PHD Media’s annual thought leadership tech event, BrainScape. His background in anthropological studies, infectious sense of humor and natural stage presence were the perfect formula to an enthralling narrative on the history and powerful application of creativity. Without a doubt, Dr. Bloomfield was one of the best speakers we’ve had in the last eight years, leaving a room of C-suite executives inspired and equipped to take his transformative insights into action.”
– Raushanna Salhi, PHD Media

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